Welcome to Butch Cafe!

” Nakaka-ilang beses ka magkape sa isang araw?” asked an office mate when she saw me walking down the hall way one Tuesday morning.  I just got out of the office pantry carrying my first fix for the day.  ”Dalawa lang,” I replied with a grin.  ”Pero pwedeng tatlo kung ililibre mo ako sa Starbucks mamaya. He he,” I quickly added.

Si Sir Butch talaga… Palabiro,” she shot back smiling. 

And with that one quick flash of wit, if I may call it as such, I made another person smile.

I hope that this record of my thoughts would effect the same to whoever would take time to read this. Just as every cup of coffee would stir up the senses, may each post touch you on many different levels.

Have your fix, take a sip, and let’s talk.  : )


9 thoughts on “Welcome to Butch Cafe!

  1. hi butch! 1st time ko mg-browse to ur sites… astig k tlaga! gusto ko tlaga ung mga reflections mo… minsan mkatambay nman ako s cafeteria mo… godbLs!

  2. let’s have coffee together minsan.. i love coffee. good luck sa mga future articles mo.. ingat! (parang si john lloyd on BIOGESIC)

  3. Taray ng mg Mr. Lakan 2009…
    Grabe ang galing mo!
    Kainis’ di ka naman insecure nian…..hahahahahahahahahaha

  4. I had chicken pox too when I was fourth year high school. It really changed my life. But then, your experience is all together different because you are in a foreign place and with unfamiliar people. Strangely, you made it. That shows the kind of person you are – astig!

    1. Thanks, Arn! Astig ka rin! I hope I could post some of your reflections here on my site. Your insights would surely inspire those who frequent Butch Café. Ring me soon!

  5. coffee…ako po parang nangongolekta na ng mug from the pantry by the end of the day…libre coffee dito eh. hahaha 🙂

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