01 Jan 09, journal entry #1

I do not intend to bore you with a year by year accounting of my life but I saw it fit to lift a page from my journal as a follow up to my previous post. Yes, I keep a journal. Yes, I make a list of resolutions for the new year. But no, I’m not into drugs. He he… Read on…


“I was doing my usual walk-around-MOA exercise routine yesterday when I passed by a small crowd gawking at a big post inside the mall. Being the curious passerby that I am (read: tsismoso), I took a detour and united myself with the group. I soon found out that they were looking at the Feng Shui poster around the big post. Interesting. So, I hurriedly scanned the poster and positioned myself to a good view of the predictions for those born under the Year of the Sheep. But naah. It wasn’t good. Not a good year for me said Maritess Allen. So I hurriedly left and went on with my workout. 

I am not into Feng Shui but I agree with its basic tenets. I believe in order and harmonious relationships. I believe in discipline and working hard to keep balance. And so, to make my 2009 a good year, despite the much publicized global economic recession, here’s my resolution for 2009.

Things I’ll (try to) Stop Doing: drinking carbonated drinks, nagging, compulsive buying,

Things I’ll Continue Doing:  keep myself up-to-date by watching CNN’s AC360 podcasts and listening to BBC’s Global News podcasts, read two books a month, run every morning, look at the stars, blog at least once a day, save, dispose of things that I no longer need, 

Things I’ll Start Doing: take up Graduate studies on either law or Information Technology, plant at least one tree every month, be more involved in Greenpeace’s activities, read the Scriptures regularly, join marathons (at least three for this year), keep a personal budget plan, learn how to play my guitar, 

With 2009 coming in with the recession and other negative concerns in tow, I hope and pray that the Lord of Goodness and Light bless the coming year and continuously guide me to a well-balanced life so that I may always be a blessing and a witness of His love to others.”


So far so good.


4 thoughts on “01 Jan 09, journal entry #1

  1. i’m year of the sheep, too! t’was sad to know that it won’t be a good year for us.. but you’re right, by working hard, discipline, determination, take away all the excess baggages and buy only what needed, will help us make 2009 a good year for us.. and of course, continue to be faithful to Him.. 🙂

    btw, i looove your site, butchi! more blogs please!!! 😉

    1. Thanks, Malou! Kumusta na? Thanks for the e-mails. I hope you’ll be a regular customer of Butch Café. Order lang ng order. : )

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