Falling in Love


Maya, a dear friend from college, visited Butch Café last night. Except for a few occasional texts now and then, we really haven’t got to update each other with what’s happening in our lives after college. So, I got the biggest surprise of my life when I learned from her blog that she’s already happily married and with a darling baby girl!

Back in college, Maya and I would talk about relationships and everything in between while spending the afternoon in our org tambayan or while walking towards the jeepney bay in front of Vinzons’ Hall right across the sunken garden. We know what makes us swoon and what turns our stomach upside down. Our views on falling in love and what breaks our hearts may be unwieldy then but one thing’s for sure… we believed in true love and commitment.

I do not know much about this episode of her life but I’m happy for you, Maya! Congratulations and best wishes!

And for everyone out there, whether single or attached, young or old, searching or is already found, gay or straight, the picture above is for you. Feel free to fall in love, like Maya and her hubby. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

 Fall in love and it will decide everything!



6 thoughts on “Falling in Love

  1. masarap ma-in love.. mahirap ma-in love. masarap kase iba ang feelings pag na-in love ka. lahat ng nasa paligid mo kulay masaya. sabi nga kulay pula. inspired ka. iba ang awra kase nga in-love ka. mahirap ma-in love lalo na kung committed ka. sabi nga masarap ang bawal na pag-ibig. joke! pero siguro may dahilan kung bakit minsan (minsan daw?) nakakapag-commit and isang tao ng bawal na pag-ibig. at, for as long as na walang feeling of guilt. peace tayo! opiniyon ko lang to.
    good luck sa website mo, butch!

  2. masarap ma-in love, mahirap ma-in love. masarap, kase lahat ng bagay na nasa paligid mo maganda, makulay.. sabi nga kulay pula.. mahirap, kase minsan kumplikado, lalo na kung committed ka na. hehehe. kase sabi nga nila masarap pag bawal ang pag-ibig.. joke lang po!
    Congrats sa web site mo, butch. sana minsan sama mo naman ako sa mga rakets mo.. good luck!

  3. eimann, i’m sorry, i wasn’t able to put appropriate captions to the pictures.. no, that’s not my baby, that’s one of my bestfriend’s baby. haha how i wish i have a baby already! i’m still waiting. 🙂 tummy’s still empty.

    thanks for the wishes! i miss those days! told ya, happy days they were!

    on falling in love — you would never know if he’s/she’s “the one” even if you’ve been together for years. remember back in college, i had a bf and i thought he’s “the one” even if there’s no commitment! yay! haha total risk for me, eh? it was difficult

    after years of NOT searching for someone, this friend of mine suddenly became my bf (without courtship at all), dated, got engaged, and now, we’re married. i wasn’t searching but I was kinda praying. hehehe we fell in love and it really decided everything.

    who’d ever thought falling in love should always have lots of toppings?

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