Who is Jesus?

I was invited to give the second talk in the Singles for Christ’s (SFC) Christian Life Program (CLP) at the Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Pasay City on March 21.  The invitation came one month earlier and the topic was “Who is Jesus?”  I thought it was easy because countless literatures abound on Him who is the wellspring of Christianity.

I had in mind books to read and websites to visit, and with a nice macbook on hand there was no way I could not deliver an impressive talk and “inspire” everyone.  These thoughts ran through my mind for the most part of my preparations.  But when time wound up to the week of the talk, came the realization that I was gravely mistaken. I got no help from the books and websites I read and visited nor was I able to prepare a good keynote presentation because I was told that there’s no available LCD projector in the venue.   Panic struck and, quite ironically, the only thing I was able to do during that short span was the one thing I did not do in the first three weeks of my “preparations”, which is to pray. It went differently from then on.

I was typing my script the whole day on the day of the talk. It was only then that I was able to piece together the thoughts that fly in and out of my head. I wasn’t 100% sure that I’d deliver well but that was the least of my concerns.  I went to the venue armed with nothing but notes jotted down from my ongoing quest to know Jesus. 

It was my first time to be in that Parish. It was the first time that I got to meet and talk to most of the people who were there. I gave the talk but the faces I saw and the new stories I heard from the people who toil hard to animate the SFC community in that area made a big impact on me that night. I was just happy that I was given the opportunity to be there and be inspired.

When the night was over, I was smiling profusely as I prayed in thanksgiving.  Who is Jesus? I do not exactly know but what I’m sure of is that he showed His face to me that night.

(Coming up on Butch Café is a special brew. Watch out.)

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