Confessions of a Casual Traveller

When asked if I love to travel, the “yes” wouldn’t come out from me as easily as when I’m asked if wanted some coffee. The prologed processing in my mind is usually due to some categorical considerations.


Yes, I love to travel and I’ve been to many places in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. I have a list of places to go to while alive and I’m happy to say that tick marks are added on a fairly steady manner every year. I haven’t been to other countries as of the moment I’m writing this entry. But I believe that I will get to check foreign destinations on my list soon.


Yes, I love to travel, particularly long travels on foot, bus, or boat. A plane ride is something I only seldom enjoy. You know the adage which says, “sometimes it’s not the destination that brings happiness but the journey.” I quite believe that. Nothing beats marveling at the tree-lined highways, the farmers on the field, and the vast expanse of the seas and the occasional dolphins and sharks.


Yes, I love to travel, but my travels are often casual. Meaning, I only got to the places I’ve been to because of some opportune circumstances and not because I was gung-ho in planning and saving money for my trips. My trips were, more often than not, only because of a group/company outing, work-related meetings that require me to go to some place, or part of a research/writing work that I am doing. This, in part, brings the joy in each of my journeys. I don’t plan yet I am able to go to the places I want to go, for free on several occassions. I don’t plan and so I have the luxury to allow myself to be surprised by so many things along the way.


Yes, I love to travel, and I can’t wait to hear where my next stop will be.


What do you think?

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