Coron-a Discharge

coron 050

As early as February of this year, I have already had my summer planned out. Well, it wasn’t exactly hard for office-people like me to do that because unlike students, our year is not divided into semesters/grading periods with breaks in between. 15 vacation leaves (or whatever is left of it) and a company outing is the most we could afford. It’s only our company outing that I banked on and I got more than what I expected.

There were three choices for our destination this year and it was an easy pick for me.

Destination: Coron, Palawan

Duration: 3 days and 2 nights

I have never been there and its beauty is told to me many times over. And of course, low plane fares were an added bonus. When the voting ended, I was extremely happy.

First Day Highs

1. The breathtaking view of Palawan islets from the plane, pristine waters surrounding unspoiled islands: awesome.

2. The trip from the airport to the hotel was a nice 30 minutes but what really amazed me was that on the road to the hotel, I didn’t see houses or buildings lining the streets. There were long stretches where not even a person walking is in sight.

3. The Makinit Hot Springs was my first taste of salty hot springs. The set-up was like an infinity pool and mangroves line the beach. It was raining when we went there but it was a welcome treat because dehydration from the heat was accelerated by the salty waters. Raindrops gave us fresh water to wet our lips with.

4. The hotel’s multi-purpose hall offered us a view of the surrounding seas and some opportunities to emote.

First Day Lows

1. The food at the hotel wasn’t good. I was surprised to hear that they get their agricultural supplies from Manila because the geography of that portion of Palawan does not allow for major agricultural activities.

2. The afternoon rain dampened the mood of some people and it also didn’t allow us to trek up the mountain.

Second Day Highs

1. A few of us rose up early the next day to seize the opportunity to trek up the Mt. Tapyas pilgrimage cross. There were more than 700 steps (the trail was cemented) up to the peak, we were sweating like anything when we got there but what greeted us at the top was all worth the trouble. Up there was a 360-degree view of the gorgeous island. Something good to start the morning.

On Top of Mt. Tapyas

2. The island-hopping was a blast! I savored every minute of it. It practically took us the whole day to jump from one island to another and the islets we went to offered us different sensations of beauty.


2. What made the experience more exhilarating were the people I am with. Our office has diverse personalities and the peoples’ ages range from fresh-grads to retirables. Such a mix worked good for us and we had quite an enjoyable time.

Second Day Low: None

The third day was just a preparation for the trip back to Manila and it was our time for a last-minute shopping for pasalubongs and picture-takings.

At the flight back to Manila, everybody was beaming. Our Coron trip definitely raised the bar for our next company outings.


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