To Have and to Hold

Since I am working for a networking office which deals directly with schools, the students’ summer break was for us a time to leave the polo barong and slacks in favor of a more casual dress up

While I was rummaging through my closet one night, I realized that I haven’t actually updated my clothes. The last time I bought clothes was at least two years ago, before I entered the seminary. That explains the faded colors and holes, especially at the crotches. The realization made me open a file in my laptop that’s named: Personal Finances. After some number pushing, I was able to crunch some figures which I could use to update whatever it is that needed updating.

The following went into the list:

1. Three mid-sized muscle shirts (although I refure to admit this, my officemates insist that they were muscle shirts) – I needed motivation to continue running and do crunches and push-ups

2. Three pairs of slacks and polos – the slacks I am wearing to the office were bought in 2002

Additional items…

3. Another laptop – this is still under consideration because I am already using a macbook. I just thought of buying a new one for my post-grad course in computer science because I want to a unit that’s devoid of files that would remind me of work.

4. Knapsack bag – the one I am using is already on the brink of tearing in bits. I have been using this old bag for about two years now, more than what a bag could bear given my stye of usage.

5. Sports watch – just for porma. He he…

Hope to have these before the classes start.

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