What Gives?

I pride myself for having brand loyalty. I, however, from time to time, take some detours just to try other brands. It’s a twisted tale but I have this propensity to change minds even at the slightest suggestion and at a split-second timing. I have to make it clear though that this happens not too often. The instances are few and far between. He he…

Take for example the most recent change of heart I made, in the brand of soap that I am using.

After the chicken pox episode, I was hell-bent in my search for a soap that would work wonders for my skin. I tried different soap brands like a mad woman in search for the perfect dress. My search ended when I stumbled upon this soap brand, which many celebrities endorsed. The improvement was fast and my skin started to clear up after two weeks of use. It was my product of choice from then on. I even kept two-months worth of that soap just in case they go out of production.

I was using that same brand without interruption… well, until last week.

We were in a supermarket when I stumbled upon a brand, which I thought had already gone extinct. But there it was calling out to me, “ang gaan-gaan ng feeling, ang gaan-gaan ng loob ko sa ‘yo, alam kong di ako magsasawa dahil ang gentle mo naman…” (This is the commercial jingle for the soap and shampoo of this particular brand.)

I picked it up and took a pass on my trusted brand. Something new I thought and it just might do a better job in taking care of my sun-bathed skin due to outdoor running 4x a week.

How did it fare after a week of use? Pimples started popping out and the smell proved to be unbearable. I had to discontinue, I thought. And so, last night, I tossed out the three bars I bought and went back to what really works just fine.


If something is tried and proven, why the sudden change of heart? What gives?

The inherent danger in sticking to tried and tested formulas is boredom that’s monotony-induced. A brief interlude would heat things up and when checked, it will make one re-realize and re-discover the beauty that attracted us in the old, just like the first time.

The same is true for love. This is healthy infidelity, I guess.


One thought on “What Gives?

  1. very funny and sensible write-up… i really enjoyed reading it… okay we really need a space for the word CHANGE.

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