A Hearty Laugh to Start the Day

The following is an unfinished blog entry–omething I wrote sometime in July and just got relegated to the Drafts section.  I thought of publishing it nevertheless.  Sayang ang thoughts. He he…

Sleeping time for me this past two weeks has been moved to 2am, 1.) because of school work and 2.) for some reason I can’t broadcast to the world.   These render me zombie-like during the most part of my mornings.

This morning, however, I got the boost I sorely lacked the past weeks.  I’m not sure if I could capture the laugh trip moment but here it goes.

An officemate, Andy, was scheduled to go to De La Salle Zobel, together with the rest of our office’s Software Development Team, for a meeting. But due to the A(H1N1) scare I was informed when I got to the office that the school is closed until Monday for a “clean-up”. I called him up using my mobile to advise. When I was about to hang up after the brief conversation, he intentionally shifted to a playful mode and tried to sound like he wanted to extend the conversation. He played the trick by asking how I was doing and when I started to crack up, he gave me report on the traffic situation somewhere in EDSA!  And I just couldn’t stop laughing.  He’s trying to stretch the phone call so I would rack up precious airtime that would eat up my monthly allocation.  Good thing that there’s only myself and David inside the office. Ha ha!  Kulet! It was 1 minute and 24 seconds of unadulterated laugh out loud moment. Something that I needed to parry two weeks worth of strain.

Thanks, Andy!


2 thoughts on “A Hearty Laugh to Start the Day

  1. hello, kuya butch!

    this comment is unrelated to your blog… i would just like u to know that finally, i’ve visited your blogsite…

    keep your thoughts coming!

    God bless u!

    kakamiss ang mga NCYM 08 days sa Ilo-ilo, ‘no? ;o)

    1. Hi, Lea. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, I also miss the experience. Almost surreal for me but it was certainly fruitful. I hope you enjoy reading! Ingat palagi!

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