Kiss of Scorpio, the Scorpion

I once confided to my bestfriend that Scorpio is not usually a good time for me. And from experience, I have a good reason to believe that.

Whenever Scorpio is ushered in, it means that my birthday is just around the corner.  And as far as I am concerned, this is also the time of the year when, for various reasons, my financial resources deplete rendering me unable to do a sort-of “bunggang bunggang” way to celebrate it.  To illustrate the point more clearly here are three stories.

I withdrew (dropped) a programming subject to “protect” my scholarship.  I sought permission from the scholarships office and they allowed me to do so after deciding that my reason is valid.  But it was not without a cost. I had to reimburse the scholarships office the cost of tuition of that one subject to the tune some double digit thousand pesos!  I have a valid reason, don’t you worry, but i know it’s not exactly how I would have wanted my Graduate studies to play out but that’s another discussion altogether.

The next blow came in the form of a slowdown of my mobile reloading business. Several big clients suddenly found a reason to stop or at least minimize the need to buying prepaid credits from me. Some have gone postpaid, one established her own reloading service, and a couple got a good break and their employers have provided them mobile phone lines at their disposal. Good for them but not so for Butch’s Fast Mobile Reload Service.

The third one came on All Souls’ Day.  As I was dressing up for a meeting I noticed a familiar sight on the butt part of the short pants I pulled out from my closet.  My heart pounded a million times and my mind switched on the “No way!” button.  But there it was:  termites have found their way to some of my most prized possessions… some 20 years worth of legal documents, old journals, letters from friends and former students, bookmarks, and other mementos of my past.  It was a gruesome sight with all the crawlies, a whole colony of them, chomping up every available fiber in every box. I wasn’t able to deal with it until the next day though as I was already late for my appointment.  The aftermath saw three big plastic bags of live termites and bits of paper about to shipped to the the dumpster.





I know this is not Ondoy-level but it was a great deal just the same.  Oh, Scorpio the scorpion.  This has to stop.

They say it only comes in threes.  I am crossing my fingers.


2 thoughts on “Kiss of Scorpio, the Scorpion

  1. Happy birthday, Butch. It’s no coincidence that termites celebrated your birthday ahead of today’s celebration. They are just giving you some lessons to learn. First, the termites teach us that our birthdays are reminders of how much we have given to this world… how much you have loved, how much you have cared, how much you have wasted time for others. Second, the termites teach us to let go… many of the memories we have are written in those pages of papers. The memories may make us smile; they may inspire us; they may keep us strong… but at a certain point, we have to start living and let memories remain just that – memories. Those who loved us but had gone ahead may never come back; we may never correct our mistakes; we may not have the chance to take back the words we have uttered; we can never get back the money we spent. But hey, our little termites tell us, there are people who will love you NOW; there are letters that will come and you can read them NOW; there are new letters that YOU can WRITE NOW; there are more money waiting to land on your palms and pockets. So cheer up, let go of the twenty years… there is NOW to attend to and you will discover that it will fill your hands. Third, our little termites remind us that just like those twenty years of memories, we too will end up just like them – memories. We will also reach the moment when termites and other crawling insects will feed on us. Thus, what only lasts is our immortal souls, in the company of the big BRO up there. It is therefore ripe for us to live today to the fullest so that we can live the future with the ONE who truly matters.
    Butch, my bestfriend, happy birthday and more termites to come… hehehe… I wish you more blessings from the Almighty. Amen

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