The cityscape pales in comparison to Manila Bay’s perpetually magnificent sunset.  One cannot have an excuse to not be poetic about it.





(The pictures were taken using my mobile phone)


4 thoughts on “Sunburst!

    1. psst. ‘wag kang maingay. baka lalo akong sumikat. hehe… and correction please, 3.2 megapixels. the extra 0.2 makes a big difference. haha!

  1. Hi Butch,
    Yes, I agree. We have to do something. The problem is what is something. Should we plant trees? Where? Should we do something about the garbage, but how?

    Anyway, I like the pictures. There is a cross. Is it a sign of things to come?

    1. Hi, Arn. Thanks for liking my pics. Well, those are not ‘my pics’ pics but pics i took. hehe… I will answer your question through another blogpost. Thanks for always dropping by.

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