Rock the Riles!

This Sunday, December 6,  eight Metro Rail Transit (MRT) stations:  Taft, Ayala, Buendia, Boni, Shaw, Cubao, Q.Ave, and North EDSA will host eight simulatenous gigs.  Over 120 bands are participating will be performing on platforms, beside turnstiles.

Wear black and come to any of the eight MRT stations to join the voice that says: ENOUGH!

57 innocent people tortured, mutilated, slain, defiled.
Take the train, take a stand. Let them know you’re saying: Enough!

Rock the Riles 2009 is on (reeh-les – Filipino word for train tracks) !!!

For the past 5 years, Rock Ed Philippines has worked to make the Filipino private citizen more interested in civic-issues.  We’d like to imagine that we educate in a rock and roll manner.

Despite having no corporate sponsors, Rock Ed still decided to still hold Rock the Riles, a tedious orchestration of 8 simultaneous gigs in 8 MRT Stations. Over a hundred twenty bands and artists will join forces to make this voice for justice a bit louder that it would’vebeen. Many individuals pitched in small amounts to make this possible.

People lent sound systems, committed to give water, food, print IDs etc and in the case of the bands, perform for free. At the last minute, Unilab came in to commit to help with the sound systems. Our savings from that donation will be donated to the tuition fee fund of the slain journalists. Feel free to donate to that fund.

This year is really to just push for justice for the innocents slain last Tuesday. We encourage everyone to wear black. In solidarity, in protest, in anger, in grief. Because even the word ‘condemn’ feels inadequate, we decided to up the volume of our cry this year. Originally organized to celebrate human rights day, we decided to re-focus our zoom lenses on this one cause. 


What do you think?

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