Internet’s 40th “Birthday” Marked (

August 31, 2009—In fall 1969, computers sending data between two California universities set the stage for the Internet, which became a household word in the 1990s.

I stumbled upon this interesting article while I was wandering inside National Geographic’s website some months ago.  Click here to watch the video.

I’ve been a netizen since 1996. Can you imagine how “primitive” it was back then? What we deem as “slow” connection now was actually ultra hi-speed in those days. hehe… the web is certainly helpful on many different levels and you will find there what you came there to obtain, e.g., new friends, long-lost friends, news, researches, email service, instant messengers, and even porn.

personally, the web is a primary tool for me for my information needs, social networking, entertainment, and most especially for augmenting my income. The internet has certainly gone a long way and the future offers endless possibilities. It defined the present generation and will continue to redefine more lives. Belated happy 40th birthday, internet! 😀

What do you think?

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