What You Focus On Grows

The title is not my original.  I read it from an article by Bo Sanchez on How to Get Rid of Bad Habits series.  He calls it a Simple Principle of the Universe and I couldn’t agree more.  I won’t go on to expound more on this as Bo explains it better (click here to read his article). I would like to tell you that my wish list for 2010 instead for it was guided by this same principle. What’s my purpose for broadcasting my wish list to the whole wide world, you may ask.  Well, i also believe that if you really want something, the universe will conspire to make it yours. And so here’s my list and a dash of explanation on the side. 😀

1. Acquire the following gadgets before my birthday this year (November): A Canon DSLR, Amazon Kindle 2 wireless reader, and a solar panel for our roof.  The DSLR camera will enhance my blogger’s life, the wireless reader will bring my passion for reading to a new level, and the solar panel is meant to ease up the carbon footprint of the gadgets I own.

Canon DSLR
Kindle 2 Wireless
Solar Panels

2. Success of the fundraising initiative I started in our parish community to pay off the reconstruction cost our Church incurred when it caught fire some two years ago. Success in this context means 1,001 parishioners pledging to contribute 7p a day from the present up to September 2011. In other words, more active and creative involvement from a greater number of people.

3. Become more active in my advocacy for the environment and education. I’ve recently volunteered to become our community’s Ecology coordinator. As much as I am expected to see our projects through completion, I hope that these would also sustain me in these two things that I am most passionate about.

4. I also wish for a complete recovery of my cancer-stricken father before midyear. With the new medication he is taking we have been seeing little improvements day by day. This and through the prayers and support we get from family and friends, it’s enough for our family to keep our hopes up.

5. Finally be able to purchase my first car and house and lot before 2010 ends.  This is not too much to ask and I think it’s attainable.

6. A Trip to Batanes this summer. This has been always in my wish list and i am so looking forward to deleting it from the list. I really hope to finally see this beautiful island before “development” mars its face.

7. Be included in my dragonboat rowing team’s line up in this year’s races.  I know what it entails “at handa akong tumaya.” Just like in a relationship. Hehe…

There you go… Here’s to a brighter and more fruitful year! Cheers!


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