Butch Café turns 1!

At bilang pasasalamat sa iyong madalas na pagbisita sa ating kapihan… magbibigay ang ating sponsor ng 100p-worth na Starbucks gift certificate sa tatlong (3) mambabasa na magkakapagsuggest  ng pinakamagagandang pagbabago na nais makita sa kapihan.  Maaaring magsuggest ng paksa na nais mabasa, layout, o kaya naman paraan kung paano mas magiging makabuluhan ang ating pagtambay dito sa Butch Café. Isulat ang mga suggestions sa comment sa ibaba!

Maraming salamat din sa ating sponsor… ang Butch’s Fast Mobile Reload Service!  😀

take a sip. have your fix. let’s talk.


6 thoughts on “Butch Café turns 1!

  1. Hi Butch,
    I suggest to get away with black colors. Why not make this page really colorful, as colorful as you are. Hehehe. The articles are great. I suggest that you add corners, like book corners to read as suggested by Claudeth; place corners to visit; insights on courses that young people can choose from; etc. You see, in a cafe, different people come and go. They have their preferences in coffee, so Butch Cafe must be able to offer them variety. 🙂

  2. congrats on turning 1! wishing you more prolific years of profound thoughts; and thanks for allowing us to read what’s on your mind. maybe you can feature something about your rowing escapades?

  3. Hi Butch,

    I think you could focus on discussions about education since I think you would be credible in writing articles since you had first hand experiences on teaching and since you work for an institution focusing on education. 🙂

    I’ll claim my starbucks GC on Monday.


  4. Books to read… and what makes them interesting… hahaha… it’s like a suggestion of something to read on with a sort of review.. 🙂

  5. thank you for being a part of your wonderful journey as a person and as a writer. thank you for allowing me to read through your profound thoughts and relive my UP memories …suggestion: write something about elections…

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