5 Days of Samar

When I missed our office’s trip to Bohol, I thought that my summer of 2010 would just be a log of the elections and overworked sweat glands.  But my luck changed when the stars aligned themselves in my favor.  And boom! 5 days of Samar.  I can’t tell much on how it came about but suffice it to say that it all started through an invitation.

Day 1. The starting point was Tacloban City, as it’s where our gracious hosts met us.  After a short tour of Tacloban we then crossed the proud San Juanico Bridge and went straight to Catbalogan City.

Day 2. We spent most of the day at the rocky Cal-apog Leopard Beach Resort (the name actually explains the prints on the chairs and tables).  Aside from marveling at how the tides peaked and dropped, we rented a boat, went island hopping, and dipped in the cold waters of Samar Sea.  Mass was also celebrated at the resort.

Day 3.  A solid brunch of seafood started our third day.  We figured that the brunch was really justified as we later on learned that we were bound to go up Northern Samar at noon.  Destination: Puro Beach Resort.  After a three-hour drive along the coastal towns of the island and a 15-minute boat ride, I must say that the long trip was well worth it.  Swimming, picture-taking, and some wine over videoke constituted fun.

Day 4.  The first part of the day was a continuation of the other day’s activities, well, minus the videoke.  The ferry we rented fetched us before noon and we were back to Catbalogan before 3 PM.  The day, however, didn’t end there.  After resting for about one hour, we headed back to Tacloban City.  We travelled on supersonic speed so we could get to the San Juanico Bridge before the sun sets (the picture of myself below the “Welcome to Samar” sign of the bridge was actually taken on this day. I just placed it on Day 1 for effect. hehe).  Dinner was at Stephanie’s in Tacloban.

Day 5.  We left our gracious hosts’ house shortly after our late breakfast.  We were a little too early for our 1:40 PM flight back to Manila so we decided to just spend our remaining hours in Tacloban at Robinson’s Place, as it is relatively near the airport.  We rode our service car after eating lunch and we finally bid the Visayas, Thank you and Goodbye!

Special thanks is in order for our very, very gracious hosts, whose names I choose not to divulge YET.  I’ve never been treated to a more hospitable reception.  Thanks, too, to Mrs. Eli Inocencio who met and greeted us on the first and last day.  She also volunteered to buy us our pasalubongs and gave it to us for free.  I also want to thank the Good Friend who let us in, both in his vocation and vacation.  My heart will be forever grateful.  Until next time!


5 thoughts on “5 Days of Samar

  1. hindi ka nag invite.. ang ganda ng place.. baka maligaw ka sa batanes, count me in.. i love to see the place! please….

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