A Prayer for Migz

My body seemed to have shut down after I ran a personal best of 49 mins 59 secs for a 6.11 KM route.  That was three weeks ago, July 18 to be exact.

I felt alright after the run but such was not the case on the days that followed.  I wake up early, as usual, but feel lethargic.  Day after day, I missed my T-Th-S running schedule.  My bones and muscles were not sore but I did not have the energy to do even just the usual morning stretching.  Missed training days turned into weeks and before I knew it, I’ve already lost my momentum–my running program just a lifeless piece of paper.


Ate Let, a close friend in our parish community, has been texting us in the last two weeks asking for prayers for her nephew, Migz.  The child is suffering from a congenital heart defect called transposition of the great arteries.  Simply put, his aorta and pulmonary arteries are not doing what they are supposed to do thus circulating the blood improperly.

He was scheduled to undergo surgery last night to correct the irregularity and so prayers were needed.  And to everyone’s relief, her text last night was a thank you! note for the successful operation.  A conduit tube was inserted to rectify the blood circulation and that should be good for 10-15 years.


This morning was poised to extend my lethargic stretch but an early text message hit me hard.  It’s from Ate Let and it read,

Good am po. Critical condition ni Migz. Successful ang operation nya kaso ang lungs nya bumigay ngayon dahil sa amount ng blood na pumapasok, di makayanan. May lung at heart machines na ikinabit.  Nakikiusap po ako sa mga dasal ninyo. Salamat po.

Miguel Antonio Sarmiento Espiritu is only two years old.  It’s hard to even imagine how the child looks like, with the contraptions and all, in the ICU.  Migz and his parents need our prayers.

This is Migz when he was born in 2008
Latest pic, pre-operation

So I got up and changed into my usual running get up.  It was already 6:30 AM when I set out to MoA.  It was already late but I didn’t mind.

I have weak lungs since birth that’s why I train for endurance and not for speed.  I run to strengthen my lungs.  And so, my run this morning and the days that follow is for Migz.

May every glide be a prayer of petition.  May every  stride be a thanksgiving for the beautiful gift that is Migz.  May all efforts exerted be an expression of hope that everything will turn out for good.

May the good Lord, the healer, touch Miguel and restore him and his family to good health.


5 thoughts on “A Prayer for Migz

  1. Hi Butch. Modette here, Letlet’s ate. Thank you so much for this. The family really appreaciate it very much. GOD knows how much everyone in the family love our little boy, Migs. He is an angel, super brave and bright. We know he is strong however, the procedure still complex. Lets continue praying for his fast recovery. Again, thank you very much.

  2. thanks for the info, Butch..

    God is the great healer, I know He will heal this beautiful Migz and comfort his family.. we will continue praying for him and his family..

  3. Thanks butch for this sincere campaign to help my nephew. The piece that you encoded is both factual and heart tugging ika nga. Do continue writing well specially to promote goodwill and our Lord Jesus siyempre and to help others! Thanks a lot!We appreciate it very much.

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