How Running Effects Your Body

Who would’ve thought that a black toe nail is something I share with other runners?

For regular runners, a black toenail is not a matter of if, it’s when,” says Dr. Bright. Three causes of the black badge: a too-short shoe; a toenail that comes into contact with the roof of the shoe too often; and a runner who uses his toes to grip too hard. However it happens, the result is the same. Blood vessels under the nail break open, which spill blood (which looks black under the opaque nail) into the area between the toe bed and the toenail. “That area isn’t accommodating to blood collection: It’s rigid and restrictive,” says Dr. Bright. “It builds up a lot of pressure quickly.”

The following link leads to an article for runners, would-be runners, and those who love runners. Serendipity occurred at number 14. Read on. 🙂

How Running Effects Your Body at Runner’s World.


7 thoughts on “How Running Effects Your Body

      1. Time to buy a new pair! Haha! I am scheduled to replace my two-year old running shoes this November as it no lo ger provides good cushion. Thanks for visiting my cafe! See you soon!

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