Mareng Winnie on What It Means to Be an Isko

From time to time, we stumble upon gems in the online universe which speak to us in varied ways.  Here’s a video shared via  According to the owner of the video,
On October 5, 2010, Professor Solita S. Monsod delivered her last lecture for the semester to our Econ 100.1 class. This is no doubt one of the most moving [and entertaining] pieces of public lecture I’ve heard from a professor, and is definitely something that all UP Diliman students must hear and watch.
I agree 100%.  No protestations.  No arguments.  Excuse us for the UP-centric message, I know you will understand that, but I guess the message must also be extended to every Filipino.  Our nation has only us to depend on so let us contribute to its betterment in any way we can.
It’s Papa’s birthday today.  He was a man of principles but what made him greater is that he stood by his children’s principles no matter how outrageous they seemed.  Please include him in your prayers.  Thanks.  : )

What do you think?

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