A Spermologist’s Delight

From time to time, we stumble upon gems in the online universe which speak to us in varied ways.  Here’s a recent find that appealed to the spermologist in me; and later on to my creative side, if I may.

The Huffington Post tweet read: “19 Of The Most Mind-Blowing Facts Ever Heard In One Delightful Song” and then a link to this interesting YouTube video.

Immediately after watching the video, I was already googling Jonathan Mann (creator/producer/artist) and his song-a-day operation, both of which I found interesting.  A few clicks in his website, Songatron, led me to a video which shed light to the whole thing.

His account of his creative work struck a chord with me, most especially when he explained why he chose to write one song per day and the 70-20-10 rule.  According to him, 70% of his songs are mediocre, 20% bad, and the remaining percentage is comprised of the good ones but if he wrote one song per day that percentage of good songs will inevitably grow larger than if he create a song once a week.  I thought it’s a good illustration of the old adage that practice really makes perfect.  A blog-a-day sounds like a good a idea too, don’t you think?

Please visit Song-a-Day Mann’s website to grant his exhortation.


P.S.  A spermologist is one who collects bits of trivia.


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