Kindle be Mine

“$139 na lang ang Kindle 3! I am one click away from ordering,” I declared to a friend this morning, much to her protestations.

The lust for this gadget kicked in when in the course of my coughing episode last week, I decided to reread the 7th Harry Potter e-book on my other baby.  It wasn’t my first time to use it for reading but for some reasons, it suddenly felt heavy and uncomfortable to hold before my face lying down.  It must be the cough or the spike in the earth’s gravitational pull or my weak body.  I really don’t know but I had to stop on the e-book and just pulled out our copy of the book, on paperback.  When I was done, out of sheer frustration, I just found myself ogling at this looker.

Seven days hence, I am still lusting over it and the feeling just wouldn’t go away.  I was antsy to get my hands on one but, of course, deciding on this matter is not always as easy.  There are budget considerations and questions like this: “Kailangan ko ba talaga ng ganito?”  And for the times that I tend to give even outrageous justifications to myself, I thank the One up there for friends who reinforce on me the profound question: “Kailangan mo ba talaga ‘yan?” and then they offer varying lengths of a litany of my past gadget transgressions, depending on who I talk with.

I will definitely use it as I read a lot.  I will definitely use it because I’d be happy to bring with me books and my many subscriptions (news, magazines, and blogs) wherever, whenever.  What I am not sure though is if the initial thrill will get past my low threshold for gadget boredom.  But that I wouldn’t know if I couldn’t get my hands on one. But then again will the money spent be worth the experiment?  And it goes on and on…

The friend I texted this morning said that I should let the feeling pass, until such time that I can think clearly.  She knows of this addiction and affliction of mine so I’ll try to postpone. Incidentally, another one tipped me this morning that I should postpone buying one just yet as it’s Black Friday sale in the US on November 26, Amazon might slash some bucks off the price.  And so the wait acquired a deadline.


15 days.


As a side note, with this thing taking care of itself, even if just for a while, I can now focus other more important things to do.  This is why you have friends. Hehe…


4 thoughts on “Kindle be Mine

  1. Obsession.Obsession.Di bale pag di ka makabili I’ll let you borrow my collection of “first edition” books. Yun nga lang you’ll be forced to read the life of Ariel Sharon, Madeleine Albright, Barrack Obama, Pope John Paul, Mohammad Yunus …tons of things about Israel…or fiction and non-fiction by Paul Theroux, Michael ChabonJeffrey Archer, James Clavel, Virginia Woolf, Amy Tan…or maybe some Salman Rushdie or even back issues of Esquire, GQ, Vanity Fair and of course Vogue…I still have my management books in MBA…No worries , if you can’t have the Kindle you will never run out of things to read…Yun nga lang on paper.Just let me know after 26 November-I’ll give you a borrower’s card.

  2. good morning, my dear butch.. siguro nga you have to wait muna at bka mbawasan pa ang price pag dumating ang nov 26.. sayang din.. kaya lang konting patience pa. think it over.. baka nga may iba ka pang priorities to buy. hayaan mo pag nanalo ako sa lotto bukas (sana nga.. sino ba ang may ayaw? sagutin ba ang sarili kong tanong) i’ll buy u 100 pieces of that gadget.. or APPLE IPAD para mas sosi ka pa.. 100 pieces din. hehehe! regards & best wishes (parang ikakasal ang bati) … good morning ulit.. 😀

    1. Ariel! Salamat at napapadalas ang iyong pagtambay sa kapihan. mayroon na akong iPad kaya ang aasahan kong ireregalo mo kapag nanalo ka sa lottl ay itong Kindle. Lagyan mo na rin ng maraming e-books, bonus mo na lang sa akin. haha!

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