Tantuple Your Icasms

From time to time, we stumble upon gems in the online universe which speak to us in varied ways. Here’s a recent find that is worth sharing: Save the Words.

My youngest sister once told me that she doesn’t visit this blog because she’s easily turned off by the words that I use and the way I compose my ideas. “You use hard words”, she told me.

Highfaluttin eh? I beg to disagree as it’s a matter of perspective.  Wait until you see the words below.

I have been frolicking in the site for some time now and the joy I derive from the experience is comparable to touring a museum of artifacts–it draws you back to a certain milieu and begs from you some amount of appreciation. The words vary from jargons (ex., Logarithmotechny or the art of calculating algorithms) to archaic (ex., Circuland – a noun for something that is to be circulated; what we now term as “circular”) to WHAAT?! (ex., Piladex – the name of a game where an inflated bag is hit with hand to keep aloft). And if you know some English words that suffered the same fate, you can even send them in as your contribution to their word bank.

The website was created by Oxford Dictionaries for word lovers (and those who, like me, fancy how the world from before operated). Here’s a passage from one of the sections:

Each year hundreds of words are dropped from the English language.

Old words, wise words, hard-working words. Words that once led meaningful lives but now lie unused, unloved, and unwanted.

Today, 90% of everything we write is communicated by only 7,000 words.

You can change all that! Help save the words!

To help save the words, one can choose from the following options: Adopt-a-word, spread the word, subscribe to a word-a-day, or commit to a word and take it to the next level. Haha!

The title of this entry is a play on some words I found there and I decided to adopt them. Tantupling your icasms is fun! Well, if you don’t know what I am saying, I suggest that you pay the site a visit to find out.

As an after thought, I think it would be nice if UP’s Sentro ng Wikang Filipino could also come up with the same initiative for our mother tongue. And maybe they could call it Sagip Salita or something. What do you think?


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