The Morning After (It Pays to Check the Label part 2)

And then we come to this:  December 6 is done and pedophiles are rejoicing!  Thanks to all who posted pictures their childhood favorite cartoon character on their Facebook profile picture.  Pedophiles have been able to infiltrate accounts of unsuspecting children, snatch some photos and worse, access their contact information. Hehe…

Well, that is an unfounded story. actually suggested a different version (but also categorically judged as False), which Facebook quickly denied.  But the one I posited above may also be a possible scenario.  In any case, I’d like to reiterate what I have been rallying for in the first post:  information, concrete action, and reflection.  Whatever the case maybe, it would help us a lot to equip ourselves with information and let due reflection on the matter move us to action.  To further support my point, I would like to quote a couple of paragraphs in article on the debunking made by Facebook.

Whether or not the rumors prove true, an inherent security issue remains, Nigam told

“The core of the issue isn’t whether the campaign was created by pedophiles or not. None of that is as significant as the ability to directly message underage children.”

Click to read articles by –> Facebook Cartoon Characters and –> Facebook Debunks Rumor that Pedophiles are Behind Cartoon Profile Campaign.  Read the articles and decide for yourself.

Now, I am tempted to say to those who vehemently defended their slacktivism, “What now, friends?”  Hehe…

P.S. Please be careful next time as some perv might start a campaign on breast or cervical cancer awareness and ask you to post pics of your boobies and other jewels.  You’ve been warned.   🙂


Slacktivism according to is “the search for the ultimate feel-good that derives from having come to society’s rescue without having had to actually gets one’s hands dirty or open one’s wallet.”


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