Razzle Dazzle Them

I feel for Mr. Lauro Vizconde.  I really do.  I could just imagine what’s going on in his head right now.   I even wonder how he will be in the next days.  To some extent, it’s like not having closure with an ex, who you thought must have been the one for you.  But Mr. Vizconde is having too much of that because this is really on a much much complex and larger scale.  Not having closure is bad enough for a scorned lover, now imagine not having closure (justice) for the gruesome murders committed on ALL the members of your family.  I’d be mad and probably lose it.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s headline screams:  “SC: Webb et al. not vindicated.”  I agree.  That’s an afterthought I had after reading the Supreme Court’s decision on Tuesday.  The decision in effect tells us that despite the trial court’s conviction of Hubert Webb and company, which was subsequently upheld by the Court of Appeals, there remains a cloud of doubt on their guilt, not on their innocence.  The decision harped on Jessica Alfaro’s suspicious involvement and conflicting statements.  It’s what wrapped the determination of guilt in a cloud of uncertainty thus, the acquittal.

The Department of Justice is said to be considering a reopening of the case for further investigation.  But I doubt it.  I doubt that they’ll get to the bottom of it.  And if they are to succeed, I don’t believe that it will meet the June 30, 2011 deadline, the end of a 20-year prescription for investigations on crimes according to our Revised Penal Code.

This episode exposes, yet again, a whole gamut of issues connected to what many of us perceive as a rotten justice system.  I do not want to discuss that any longer because I know you know what I mean.

At any rate, let us include Mr. Lauro Vizconde in our prayers.  He needs it now more than anything else.  Let us also pray for those who have been victims of injustices as there are many of them in our midst.

Also, you may find the following links useful in your own reflections on the matter.

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SC: Webb et al. not vindicated

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DZIQ: Biong walks free, maintains his innocence

Govt has until June 2011 to file new cases for Vizconde Massacre

Lastly, here’s an off-topic thought.  SC’s recent controversial decision plus the Chief Justice’s midnight appointment, the accusation of plagiarism by an Associate Justice, the nixing of a Truth Commission, and even the lesser known decision on the return of Imelda Marcos’ ill-gotten beach front mansion remind me of a scene in the musical Chicago.  It’s a scene where Billy Flynn (a lawyer who takes on controversial cases) tells Roxie Hart (the unfaithful wife and murderer) moments before litigation on Roxie’s case that the trial and the world is a circus, a three-ringed circus. “Give ’em the old Razzle Dazzle and they’ll beg you for more,” he advised her.  The connections may seem vague at first but when you think of it… it really is a circus and we are its performers.


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