Something New for the New Year!

Yesterday, I discovered something new to explore for the new year:  iMovie.

It’s a free application that goes with your purchase of a Macintosh computer.  The application is part of the iLife bundle of productivity applications.  iMovie, as the name suggests, lets one create movies–no school training required.

I’ve had iMovie on my MacBook since 2008 but it was only yesterday that I got to finally use it to produce an actual movie presentation.  I made several attempts before but I always ended up with nothing because I am not too sure with what I am doing and the tendency to procrastinate on learning how to use the application instantly sets in whenever I hit a snag.

But as they say, necessity is the mother of invention (or in my case, learning).  What happened was that a request from an officemate for help in making a slideshow presentation for her in-laws’ 50th Wedding Anniversary came up.  I readily obliged because I thought I already mastered whipping up photo slideshows in a jiffy using iPhoto, another application that’s also part of Apple’s iOfferings, but for photos.  So, as soon as I got the photos and music I am already rendering the movie file in no time.  But just when I thought I was already done with the request, she came back to me, albeit sheepishly, asking for some “minor” edits.  Creating slideshows may be quick on iPhoto but it allows very small room for manual tweaking.  And while pondering on my options for the “minor edits,” I saw iMovie raising its hand.  No choice but to invoke its name.  Luckily, Google showed the path to my enlightenment:

The emotion I felt while exporting the presentation into a movie file (in High Definition, take note) was overwhelming.  I finally conquered a long overdue frustration and I was actually delighted with the possibilities to explore using the application!  Now, that’s something new to do for 2011.  I am excited!

As I am not allowed to share the very first iMovie project I made, let me show you the second presentation that I created instead.  It may seem simple but still, it’s borne out of my excitement over my latest achievement.

Happy new year everyone!  Discover something new for 2011!

3 thoughts on “Something New for the New Year!

  1. it’s not working though Butch! I was so excited to view it. But to my disappointment, it’s not working. Not even in the youtube link. 😦

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