A Thief in the Night

The following videos have been talked about and dissected since they were posted a couple of days ago. I promised not to bring in negative vibes to the Café but I think everyone needs to be reminded every once in a while to be alert, careful, and vigilant.

Here’s another video from a different angle.

Opinions on who was/were at fault, who the thief’s accomplices were, or whether this can also be blamed to global warming abound but they are all in the past now. What matters more is for the rest of us to make mental notes on what we ought to do in our homes and in public.

I had goosebumps the first time I saw the vids as I found it unbelievable. The thief was so brazen and the victim… well, he needs to smarten up some more.

Remember, in the fight for survival, only the fittest and smartest remains.


4 thoughts on “A Thief in the Night

  1. Ehehehe, eto ang tinatawag na salisi. Talented yung magna no? Madaming ganito sa mga food chains at internet cafes. The bag should have been placed at the left side of the owner , not comfortable but at least safe. Or dapat meron syang lock sa bag.

  2. It reminded me of my stolen laptop. Instead of goosebumps my anger resurfaced. Ang kapal ng mga mukha nila! Grrrr!!! If they don’t want to join the workforce at least don’t prey on those who slave over every centavo!

    Alertness and paranoia help keep us secure, but don’t I have the right to feel safe without having to look over my shoulder all the time? sheesh.

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