One for the Word

Saturday was a busy day for members of our parish group, the Lectors and Commentators Guild, as it was the official start of our 14th Annual Bible Quiz activities. This tradition, which started in 1995, is our group’s affirmation of our commitment to proclaim the Good News to our parishioners being the ones entrusted with the task of proclaiming the Scripture readings during masses.

This annual activity has taken many different forms as the years went by and this time two major changes were introduced: 1) we have partnered with the Society of St. Paul, through Fr. Gil Alinsangan; and 2) this is the first time that we conducted a written elimination round. And as an additional activity, we included a Bible Museum tour as a treat to our contestants and parish organization members.

I have been part of this effort since year 3 and I can fairly say that much of the success of this activity really comes from people who believe and support the work that we do. So as early as now, please let me thank all who made this year’s edition edifying and not the least fun and exciting. Our yearly communion to celebrate the word in this manner never ceases to grow and it just gets better each time. “May They Be One,” said the theme of the National Bible Week. Thank you for being one with us.

More information on the activities will be provided on the next posts, including the results of the elimination round so please stick around.


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