Two for the Tour

Fortuitous is how I would describe our discovery of the Philippine Bible Society’s Bible Museum. Thanks to Google for paving the way for it found it’s place in our 14th Annual Bible Quiz program of activities.

The museum is the first of its kind in our country and, as far as I know, it was only last year that it was opened to the public. It is positioned to be a place where Christians can learn how the Bible came to us, a journey that dates to as far back as 4,000 years.

The strength of the museum is not so much on the displays because save from their extensive collection of Bibles enclosed in glass cases the rest were information on tarpaulin and a few items (an ancient oil lamp and some scale models of the Temple of Jerusalem). What gives the tour its value is that the information passed on to us is clear and easily understood. A child even commented that many of her doubts and questions about the Bible have been addressed just by merely listening to Normi, the tour guide. (As a suggestion, the tour can be more transformative if the guide can squeeze out from the visitors common misconceptions and misinformation about the Bible and address during in the tour.)

And as an extra, we enlisted our participants in a short seminar on the basics of Hebrew alphabet, the language used in the Old Testament times. By the end of the seminar, the tourists, including me, were able to write their names in Hebrew (Butch can be spelled using two characters!).

All in all, we were able to bring 79 Bible Quiz contestants and members of our parish organizations to the museum, four more than the original target.

Thanks, first and foremost to the museum staff, Normi and Joji, for accommodating us on a Saturday. Thanks too to the Singles for Christ-OLS chapter for partnering with us. Special mention to Councilor Grace Santos and Mayor Tony Calixto for providing for our transportation to and from the museum.

Here is the first batch of participants, composed mainly of Bible Quiz contestants from Blessed Elena Academy.

The second batch were mostly members of our parish’s youth organizations. Some of them will also be participating in the Bible Quiz.

And then we have LCG and SFC members in the last batch, with the special participation of Fr. Paul Marquez, SSP (front row, first from the right).

We were too tired and hungry after the third batch but it was all worth it. We got good feedbacks on the tour and it was even suggested that we make it a regular activity for the parish. Well, we’ll see about that but for the mean time, if you and your family or group would want to visit the museum and learn about the tour packages you may click on this link: Bible Museum.


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