RH Bill Talk: Anything but Fun, Smooth, and Easy

Along with the latest news on the investigation of corruption in the military and Angelo Reyes’ apparent suicide, the talk on the Reproductive Health Bill is raging once again. In the mass which I attended last Sunday, a somewhat long pastoral letter from CBCP President Bishop Nereo Odchimar was read in the homily. “Choosing Life, Rejecting the RH Bill” is the Catholic church’s official statement. On the other hand, RH Bill advocates got piqued when Malacañang didn’t include RH Bill in its list of priority bills for 2011.

I’ve been reading a lot of comments over at Twitter and I must say that while both sides have their own reasons some comments can turn really nasty. It’s entertaining to some degree, though.

Personally, I am torn.

I believe in what the Catholic church is trying to make the rest of us understand–restoration of moral values, underlining the role of family and community in educating the child, and a call for the government to strengthen and restore integrity in its institutions to address poverty, among other things.

For their part, RH Bill advocates see it as our way out of poverty as caused by overpopulation and disempowered sectors (women and children). According to them, it’s also a fix against HIV and AIDS and abortion. Moreover, it has to be part of the government’s priority to educate and equip us in terms of reproductive health. True that, too.

One is proactive and the other reactive. Each party’s stand is absolute. All or nothing. Maybe that’s why they fail to see each other in the eye because both use different lenses to the same problem.

I am torn because both camps stand on their own merits. Nevertheless, I side with individuals and families who have been victims of miseducation, disempowerment, deprivation, and oppression. And as the battle rages on in the Congress, their plight would just rage as well.

Hay naku. The road to a workable solution is still far off. And it’s definitely not going to be an easy breezy ride. Last I heard was there would be mass actions from both pro and anti.

On a different note, let me leave you with this video by iNewsbreak. I laugh out loud everytime I see manang gag on the rubber she inserted in her mouth. It’s NOT SAFE FOR WORK. So please view it with discretion.


What do you think?

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