I was watching CNN’s iReport on Friday morning when I saw this startling video by Brent Kooi. I thought that with a week’s worth of news feed and video footage of the Japan earthquake and tsunami aftermath, nothing more would creep me out. But this particular video is something else.

I was in a daze after seeing this clip. See how the ground opens and closes at the cracks? See how it sways and regurgitates water from its belly? If it were power play, it would be an epic win for the earth, in contrast to our relatively insignificant existence. Well, in a sense it is and such is always the case. If I were actually there, I wouldn’t know if I’d be able to think at all. I’d be mad, I guess. Or maybe I’d faint and then fall into one of those cracks. The earth moves and the video captured a frightening display.

I took a walk along the bay that afternoon. I thought it was a good time for me to make sense of the past week–personal and otherwise. I traced a path where I could see the quiet sea breaking against the big rocks lining the sea wall. And then when it got cooler, I sat on a spot where I could gaze at the marvelous sunset.

Induced by a backdrop of sea, sky, and the setting sun, I soaked in a reflection on my own vulnerability. I stayed for a while and, slowly, my fear of the unknown got tempered with gratefulness, wonder, and a resolve to get moving.

The last one I acted on quickly. Philippine Team Azkals was scheduled to arrive at SM Mall of Asia that same afternoon. Not a fan. And I definitely do not want to get stuck in a sea of fans.

What do you think?

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