Push to Happy

I can no more stress how busy I was with office work in the past weeks, particularly these last two. I hardly had time to read leisurely, much less visit my blog. I plunged in while nursing a heartbreak and got sick halfway through, but there was no stopping. Thankfully, the two-week activity spree ended on a relaxed note on Friday. I still had the sniffles and a looming cough but vitamins and some pei pa koa saved me. Now, I am more relaxed and together going into the Holy Week.

Anyway, I would like to share some videos that lifted my spirit amidst the busyness and exhaustion. The links were sent to my email and I was happy to have stayed up to watch them.

Those are videos of Coca-cola’s latest campaign. They have turned some of their Coca-cola trucks into happiness machines, delivering doses of happiness to people worldwide. Here in the Philippines, they’ve been to Marikina and I can only guess why they did so: Marikina was the hardest hit during the Ondoy episode and it registers well on screen–watch the video and imagine how it would have been if it were in a different city. But whatever the reason may be, I felt happy after watching the videos. Happiness is truly infectious, most especially when it’s genuine, hearty, and if it means well. In fact, I was telling a friend that what made it more effective was the fact that maybe some of us have been jaded by prank shows like Wow Mali! and Just for Laughs or have been subjected to Willie Revillame’s brand of “bringing” happiness to the poor. They gave us reasons to not believe in good intentions, especially in public stunts. There is nothing in the videos that suggested the same. When people pushed the Push button, no water came out squirting on their faces or loud shrieks from hidden speakers nor they were asked to share sob stories. What they got instead were presents, at the push of a button. Coke capitalized on the happiness concept and they delivered.

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