Fermin-tation Gone Wrong

I read the most disturbing statement this morning. When paraphrased it goes something like this: “Isang karangalan ang mabastos ni Willie Revillame.”

What the freaking crap?!

For those of you who follow local show business you may well know who said that line. Yes, you’re right. It was by Christy Fermin, a showbiz gossip writer and host, on her show over at TV5. For those of you who do not know her, let’s just say that she’s made a career by talking about other people’s lives and she’s also a staunch defender of Willie Revillame, another controversial personality.

The context of the statement according to pep.ph was a discussion over another TV host’s woes over his crass double entendres in his noon time show.

Cristy says only two showbiz personalities can be “matulis” and get away with it: Rico J. Puno and Willie Revillame.”

‘Pag sila ang nagdeliver para bang malaking karangalan mo pag mabastos ka,” says Cristy about the two TV hosts.

I cannot say that it’s thoughtless nor is it unbelievable because only she can hero-worship Revillame like that. I am tempted to rattle off unsavory adjectives that suit her judgment but I’d like to skip that. What for me is the ultimate offense that she made with her remark is insulting the dignity, intelligence, and integrity of people in this country. Unfortunately for her parents and forebears, it says so much about who she is as a person and the values she upholds.

Having an opinion is one thing, however twisted it may be. But airing a faulty opinion on national TV by no less than the host of the show is another matter. Some may argue that her show airs late night but believe me, its not hard for things to get around these days. Some people may think that nobody believes her anyway, but some people do–that’s why she has a TV show in the first place. Some people may just choose to dismiss it, but I cannot, especially when I think of abused kids and women.

As a TV personality, she is bound by ethics and a responsibility to contribute to the good of the society. TV is a medium for edification, not a platform where you can just shout out the yearnings of your heart. If she finds it exciting and honorable to be slighted by Revillame, it’s fine by me. She can bow down before him to feel blessed, I don’t care.

But TV5, please spare the rest of us.


10 thoughts on “Fermin-tation Gone Wrong

  1. fucking crapness! Hay Cristy magkano ka ba tlga… And willie will sue daw the personalities that made a personal comment about him… but then he insulted Agot on not having a child.. and it’s honorable?! Papatayin ko yan si Willie pag nakita ko… pramis!!

  2. Don’t worry about Fermin. Poor people, no matter, how poor they are will see through Fermin’s modus. Many are intelligent enough to take Fermin’s words as they are, willing to be “bastos-ed.” Don’t dignify her with any comment anymore because this will give her more chance to talk… Besides, she does not deserve a second look.

  3. Well, Willie disrespected the funeral of the former president and got away with it, pano pa kaya na musmos na batang mahirap lang?

    Whats wrong with the Philippines.

    Willie defended his actions by appealing to sympathy, he tends to lower himself to be pitied on by the masses so he could go on again with his shameful disrespectful hosting.

    Well come to think of it, only the feeble minded would believe what he says anyway. Too bad theres a lot of feeble minded people in this country.

    1. It’s also all the more unfortunate that instead of leveling up the consciousness of people, many TV programs and hosts serve crap… and they earn from it.

      1. Ahhhh.. Democracy! The rule of majority! The freedom to express one’s opinion (even though the majority in our country lacks good education).

        Tsk. Tsk. Haaay. Ano ba yan.

  4. di naman nagiisip yang si cristy e. makasingit lang. so ok lang sya bastusin ni willie at rico j? doesn’t she know na kakatapos lang ng kaso ni rico j. dahil sa pagiging ganun? at si willie, sino matutuwang bastusin nya? di karangalan yun, nagkataon lang kailangan ng pera nung ibang kababayan nating mahihirap talaga kaya ok na din sa kanila. nae-air pa ba sa tv kapag minumura sila nung mga nabastos nila after the show? tsk..

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