Oooh. Hahaha. It’s been a long while since someone told me something I don’t know yet. Thousand pogi points for you. Ü” –text from R.

The message above came during an early morning exchange. R texted, “Good morning, sunshine! How was your sleep?

My reply was, “Good enough. I was smiling the whole time, I guess. It’ must be the goodnight kisses you sent me. I’m now on my way to the Oort Clouds. Nice day to you!

Oort clouds?

Oh. That’s what I call the location of my new workplace. It’s so far from where I live, it’s like traveling to the Oort clouds–the theoretical edge of the solar system. Ü

And then the text above and an endless exchange of umlauts.

I found my way to R’s heart just like that. We were both mababaw like that. But then again, love is complicated.

We parted ways.

It was heartbreaking. I was full of regrets.  And it kept me wondering: are there still other beings out there who I can win over romantically in the way I know best? What if there’s only one person for someone and that person for me was Anonymous? What becomes of fools in love?

I’ve already started to move on but I still can’t keep myself from wishing that one of the text messages that I would receive one day is from Anonymous. Then everything is back to where we started and everything is alright again. And then finally we’d travel to the Oort Clouds… together. 😥

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