Foreword: Bossypants

What I like about autobiographies/memoirs is that it offers me a peek of what’s happening in another person’s mind given certain realities. I’d like to know how other people’s thought processes go when, for example, everybody thinks they are different or when a sudden change of fortune happens to a family. There is so much insight that can come out of reading memoirs as people’s thoughts and reactions are factors of personality, values, culture, and even exposure to the social environment.

I took an interest on Tina Fey when I saw her impersonation of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live on the road to the historic US election of 2008. The comedic timing was spot on and I thought it was played out intelligently. And then I learned later on that she’s made a career out of improv acting and writing for Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock. The movie Mean Girls was her creation, too. I became a fan in an instant.

I moved heaven and earth just to have a copy of Bossypants on my Kindle — it came to a point when Amazon wrote me a letter asking me to fax them a proof of my US citizenship. What happened was that since the Kindle version wasn’t available to the Asia-Pacific region yet, I faked a US address just so I could buy a copy. I changed my address back to Philippines soon after I purchased the book. Ironically, though, I “changed” my citizenship just around the time when we were celebrating our Independence Day. Sorry naman, Lolo Andres at Lolo Pepe.

The book was hilarious as expected, especially the part where she gives tips on how to do well on photo shoots. The bits on her life as an improv actress, how she made it to TV, and living the life in that industry were good threads as well. The inclusion of the script of the Sarah Palin skit was also a big treat. But above all that, what I loved most about this memoir is that I am reading another writer’s mind and I was inspired to keep on writing. That made my little act of deceit worth it.

I loved her as Sarah Palin on SNL. I loved her even more as creator, writer, and as Liz Lemon on 30 Rock. In enjoyed her portrayal of Claire Foster on Date Night. She was included in Time magazine’s list of 100 influential people of 2009. And a recent commentary in the same magazine said that maybe the Democratic Party is waiting for her to do another “Sarah Palin” on SNL so they could again pull off an Obama win in 2012.

Bossypants is an intimation of the wonderful person behind all those things that I mentioned above… In her own words.


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