Isang Masarap na Pabaon

Salamat. Maraming Salamat. 🙂

DLSP 2011

DLSP 2008

5 thoughts on “Isang Masarap na Pabaon

  1. nice to see good friends again, kahit sa vid lang 🙂

    I know that it’s your dream job and being the benevolent Father that He is, God gives us the desires of our heart in His perfect time. Don’t stop dreaming and asking for what you envision your future to be. I hear a lot of threats about “pagsisisi” but if you believe in Divine guidance, then there are no regrets because everything we do has a purpose. Dream big. Aim high. You’ll get there in time. (bakit parang rhyme? haha)

    pero teka, bakit hindi pa rin na-upload yung winning moment sa baguio? i-upload na yan!

    1. Thanks, Ces! I know those threats were just half meant. Mamimiss lang talaga nila ang mga intelligent jokes ko. Hahaha!… At walang winning moment sa Baguio. It never happened. wahahahahahahaha!

  2. buti na lang ang payat ko sa video kaso lang disgusting ang pimple sa noo wahhh!!!! at sobrang naaliw ako kay erwin, parang haggardness lang haha!! good luck sa new work at sana hindi mo pagsisihan ang pag alis mo sa dlsp… :p

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