A Letter to Sir Dexter (Happy Teachers’ Day!)

James needed to write a teacher a Thank You Letter for his English class so we wrote this letter to his class adviser, Mr. Dexter Ramos, Araullo High School, Manila.

Happy Teachers’ Day to all Teachers!


Dear Sir Dexter,


I am writing this letter together with Kuya Butch, my guardian, because according to him, it is not everyday that we get to show our appreciation to the people who, in their own ways, have been big blessings in our lives—and you are one of those.

I am not sure if you can still remember the day when he went to school to see you for the first time. That was June 21. He was eager to meet you that time because like you, he also took on that big responsibility of taking care of me while I am studying here in Manila. He offered to bring me here to Manila to study because he believes that many opportunities will open up for me if I take high school and college here. It sounded good as an idea but when I finally got here, he admits that he realized that he does not know so much about raising a teenager—my Kuya is single. So, he really wanted to talk to you to at least get the assurance that I will be safe, treated well, and have good learning experiences while in Araullo High School, while he figures out the set up of his life.

He counted on you, being my class adviser, and the other teachers as well. And we are happy that we are all doing well so far. For this, Kuya and I are really thankful. We know that we really cannot predict how exactly our day will go but the assurance that there is someone looking over me while in school is comforting enough.

Today is your day and it is with sincere prayer that we ask the Great Teacher to bless and guide you.

A big thanks to you! Happy Teachers’ Day!



James and Butch



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