Getting Down to Business

So I was listening to this evening radio show on the way home where the hosts were asking their listeners to call in and share what they think about certain topics. Their topic earlier was business ideas that wouldn’t work. I wasn’t able to catch most of the responses but there were a couple that made me laugh. One of the hosts said that a dress shop inside a restaurant is not a good idea. Definitely. But worse than that is foot spa service inside a fine dining resto. I was trying hard to restrain myself from bursting into laughter. Can you even imagine an uptown girl-type of lady having foot spa while sipping wine? Hahaha!

Anyway, my thoughts drifted away from the discussion as I got into thinking more about a business that I could venture into in 2012. I have been playing around some plausible ideas during the Christmas break but I never really got to pursue any of them further.

If you must know, I am a successful businessman, in the micro (or even nano) level. Hehe…

As far as I could tell, the first one I did was selling instant pancit canton and instant Milo to my titas when I was in college. I noticed that they would always buy those stuff from the sari-sari stores around us so I thought of buying from the grocery and sell the goods to them at a competitive price. It was a hit, until the instant pancit canton fad died.

After college, I continued the candle business that started only as a feasibility study for one of my subjects in UP. This was before scented candles became popular. I had my mother as a partner and we collaborated from sourcing raw materials to production to distribution. It was a hit too! ROI was around 400% and I was able to buy my first decent pair of Bench jeans, among others, from the profit that I split with mama. That was ca. 2001, big deal pa sa akin noon ang Bench jeans. Hehe… We discontinued the candle business when scented candle stores proliferated in the malls.

I also once set up a fishball, kikiam, and squid ball stall at the corner of our street. This was during the early days of my teaching career. It was doing good until I could no longer attend to it and just “sold” the business to my Tita.

Then I also ventured into the prepaid mobile loading business, which is by far the longest and most profitable nano-business engagement I got into. I started loading Globe and Smart prepais phones in 2008 and I was at it for two years. The earnings paid for the flat-screen tv that I bought on impulse, our trusty sofa bed that never gets out of shape, and the Uratex queen-sized bed in my room, among others. I called it Butch’s Fast Mobile Reload Service or BFMRS.

And in 2011, I ventured into the retail of those colorful snap on watches that is reminiscent of the big Swatch watches that we had as a kid. We made some good amount given the small capital requirements.

I look at those times with pride and relish… Haha!

Those born under the Year of the Sheep may experience financial instability, according to a Feng Shui expert on TV.

But hey I’m not worried. I am taking notes and will launch a counter strike. I’ll engage my business sense once more and work and pray hard for success in 2012. A trip to my favorite Feng Shui reader in Binondo is also in my calendar, just to add an extra layer of defense.

Several of my close friends are planning or are already into some business. How about you? What business ideas are you thinking about?

Tara! Let’s act on it

Trust me, It only gets better.


What do you think?

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