Yes to Life! No to Mining!

I received this message from Ms. Gina Lopez of the ABS-CBN Foundation just this morning. I intentionally deleted some parts so as not to spill to those who do not believe in our cause the next steps of the campaign.

Dear Colleagues for the Environment.

We have now reached 4.269 million signatures….
I would have liked very much to reach five million signatures…. Our stand is Truth, Service and the Common Good. What is best for the greatest number of people for the longest period of time. What is the best for our people….

For our God and our beloved country and our beloved people – who continue to suffer due to greed and selfishness – let’s make a stand for the future we want our country and our people to have. No more Sendong disasters.. Tama na!!! Let’s gear in and do what we can for our country…

Our future depends on it…

Love to all of you.. and Happy New Year!! Let’s hit a home run this New Year!!

If you also believe that ALL activities that lead to the destruction of nature, of us… then I am calling on you to click the badge below and sign the petition. I am also asking you to spread the word so we’ll have more and more people getting aware of these things.

Sign the petition now! Yes to Life! No to Mining!

No to mining in Palwan

What do you think?

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