It’s all about character | Manila Standard Today

I was discussing the ongoing impeachment trial with a lawyer-friend a couple of nights ago. Over dinner. At the peak of a bad-ass migraine.

We have totally opposing views but I did the most ungentlemanly act one could ever do when engaged in a debate. I stood up and asked that we call it a night. Sorry for that.

The pain inside my head throbbed with every word I spoke while arguing for my opinion and position that Renato Corona’s being a “Chief Justice” is immoral and unethical. He shouldn’t have accepted the appointment in the first place. Moreover, I am just a part-time lover of this ongoing impeachment trial. But if it looks like this is the only way to remove a man who has been holding on tightly to the highest position in the judiciary then I think I should also support it. So what if the articles of impeachment were hastily and poorly crafted and that the prosecution team is ill-prepared, the fact still remains that he was a “midnight appointee.”

I wouldn’t call for him to voluntarily disclose his dollar bank accounts. HE SHOULD RESIGN. Accepting an appointment from an outgoing leader, notwithstanding her questionable integrity and the mole on her cheek, is not just at all–to this country and especially to himself and his family.

The pain doubled when I heard my friend invoke constitutional rights and protecting the person. I have a biased view he said. According to him, that those who don’t know the language of the law just doesn’t quite get it. And then he murmured “mob mentality.”

At that point, just when I was about to scream “THIS IS MADNESS!!!” the throbbing subsided. I took that as a cue to stand up and go home.

I know that my friend has a point too and he is free to express his opinion even in this page if he wants to. And let me be clear that I know and believe that the world isn’t perfect and the world is littered with madmen and fools but that’s beside the point. The light is on Renato Corona and him occupying the post of being the Chief Justice of the land. Honesty, morality, and probity is what the position demands.

Anyway, here’s a good “biased” view that drives the same points. Read it and let “Corona Resign NOW” play in the background.

It’s all about character | Manila Standard Today



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