A Guide to Arguments FOR and AGAINST the Reproductive Health Bill

A Guide to Arguments FOR and AGAINST the Reproductive Health Bill

I highly recommend this guide (click the title) created by the John J. Caroll Institute on Church and Social Issues, especially to those who see themselves at a loss when asked whether they are PRO or AGAINST the Reproductive Health Bill.

By the way, just for information, the subject of the current raucous in the Lower House is HB 4244 or “Act Providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health, and Population and Development.” There will be a plenary voting on 07 August 2012 to decide whether to terminate or continue the floor interpellation and debate on the said Bill. A copy of the bill may be obtained from the House of Representatives website (congress.gov.ph).

As always: be informed, check the label.


This matrix has been prepared by a group of Catholics who feel that a systematic comparison of the arguments for and against the reproductive health (RH) bill may still serve some purpose at this juncture. It may help to bring the debate from the emotional temper which has characterized it thus far, to a more rational temper in which both sides attempt to comprehend each other’s perspectives. It is hoped that this presentation will allow each side to view the other’s argumentation as the legitimate offering of reasons in good faith which ought to characterize a democratic process of deliberation. Such a process must be valued equally by all who are committed to living together in a democracy, be they Catholic or non-Catholic, pro- or anti-contraception. Questions in the final column are provided to aid further reflection, with a view to clarifying positions and, perhaps, to building compromises that are morally and politically acceptable to both sides.

Eleanor R. Dionisio


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