Uno Rap

Fresh from the videoke night with former DLSP office mates, I thought of looking for some iPhone apps that could auto-tune my already prolific voice. Ahem. In the process of browsing through the AppStore, I stumbled upon this very cool app called AutoRap. You just record your voice on it, select a tune, and you’re done. The app produces 44 seconds of autorapp-ed music using the words you just said.

I tried it myself but after autorapp-ing “Good morning!” and “My name is Butch” I thought of something better to do with it. And so I went out of my room and asked Uno, my almost-one year old nephew, to speak. We didn’t get it right the first time but the second try was much better. I liked it and so I took it to iMovie and here’s what we produced. I hope you enjoy it as I did!

By the way, Uno will be celebrating his 1st birthday on November 16! Please include him in your prayers that he may have more rockin’ and rappin’ years ahead. Thanks!


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