2013 is a time to JUMP!

Happy new year! Wow! It’s already 2013! How was your 2012? And how has it been so far into the new year?

As for me, my 2012 rocked! In many things and in many good ways! I know I haven’t posted about the places where I’ve been or the new things that I was blessed enough to have or the new people I have met or worked with but I PROMISE to slowly write about them in the next days. I also owe this to Paz, one of my best friends who is now based in New Zealand with her beautiful family, who, in one of her email asked me to tell her the highlights of the new places I have been to so she can live vicariously through me. Paz, when she was still single, used to travel a lot so I know she’d appreciate my stories. And I hope you would, too!

Speaking of promises for the new year, I have to admit that I am one who also creates a list of resolutions and wishes for the new year. And while I was reflecting on my list for 2013, I thought it serendipitous to have opened a tweet from @Maria_Ressa this morning. It said:

2013 is a time to JUMP!

With the Tweet was a link to an article by Ms. Arianne Serafico of posturaproject.com. She wrote about her TEDxKatipunanAve experience where she was invited to talk about Using Creativity for Nation-Building, along with other Modern Day Revolutionaries. Her main point wasn’t about tips and tricks on how to become a revolutionary because as she said, Revolutions are not no one-size-fits-all. What she spoke about instead were 5 Things You Should Stop Worrying About If You Want to Start a Revolution (in parentheses are my notes from the lecture). The list goes:

1. I am not the best in my field. Who am I to start a revolution? (Anybody can start a revolution. It all starts with the thing that you are most passionate about. Do something about it. See it through to the end.)

2. I don’t think my idea is big enough yet. (Small revolutions are as important as the big ones. Start with personal choices. Commit to it until it evolves into convictions.)

3. Can I actually change the world? (Revolutions are not about YOU. It is not about power but of empowering others.)

4. There are many problems to solve–where do i even start? (Many problems mean many opportunities to become changemakers.)

5. How do I start a revolution? What’s the best way to go about it? (No step-by-step guide. No manuals. JUST JUMP! DO IT!)

Needless to say this but Arianne was a joy to watch and listen to. Moreover, what she shared stirred something in me and spoke to me on a personal level. For example, when I was my turn to meet and greet The Maria Ressa during her book launch, I let it slip to her that I’ve always wanted to join Rappler.com as an intern. She said, “Why not?” I scrambled for a good reply but all I was able to come up with was, “Naah. I am already old.” She looked at me and said, “Contact me.” I never did. I have worries.

Anyway, for 2013, I pledged to claim and start my own revolution. Like the 400 or so audience of that particualr TEDx I clenched my fist, raised my arm, and recited:

IMG_0144 IMG_0145 IMG_0147 IMG_0148

At the end of the Arianne’s article was a hope for the readers to find her talk a good and empowering use of their. For me it was. And I hope for you too.


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