My ex’s wedding

I was at the Bamboo Organ Church in Las Piñas City last Thursday… for my ex’s wedding. No, I wasn’t a gate crasher. My presence there was authenticated by the invitation that bore the inscription: G. Butch Evarola. And Yes, there wasn’t a scene, against the expectations of some of our friends. By “scene” I meant that part in the movies where the priest asks the congregation “Mayroon bang tumututol as pag-iisang dibdib nina Juan at Juana?”; then the star-crossed partner appears just in time to shout “Itigil and kasal!” and then the token collective gasp of the crowd. No such thing. I was there to witness and to join the celebration.

I must admit though that I gave in to what the occasion allowed for exes: a moment to reminisce and ponder on what might have been. I allowed the first tear drop when I saw her walk down the aisle. I caught and wiped the second one when upon the altar I saw her with the groom and the song That Should Be Me played in my head. But I quickly snapped out of the melancholia, enough to stop the third.


Ruby and I were a “love team” back in the day. We met in 2002, when I was accepted to teach at St. Mary of the Woods School in Makati City. What started as kantyawan led to something serious in 2003, which I fondly called then as Happy Elevens. On our first month together, I asked my students to greet her “Happy 1st Eleven!” Then 2nd Eleven on the next. But there was no 3rd anymore. I choked. I wasn’t exactly proud of what I did to her, not even in the way the breakup was called.

When I finally regained consciousness (and decency), she had already become The One That Got Away. A part of me wanted her back but I knew deep inside that we really weren’t meant to be.

We eventually got back to where we were before the Happy Elevens and the bad breakup… as good friends. We parted ways when I decided to leave my teaching job but we made it a point to go out every November to celebrate our birthdays (6 and 19). That was good enough for us and we kept it that way.

God knew better. She was destined for someone that is not me. She deserved to be walking down the aisle on January 03, 2013… towards the man who completes her. And I am thankful to have witnessed this celebration of love.

Again, congratulations and best wishes to Mike and Ruby!


13 thoughts on “My ex’s wedding

  1. thank you butch! iiyak din sana ako kung wala ako sa school habang binabasa ko to! ! i love it when you write about me. remember the poem RUBY?

  2. I hope i will have the same tenacity to forgive as Ruby.But considering my givens why we parted ways, only time will heal all the wounds. Anyways, you are never alone. You are always loved by your family and friends. In regards to finding The One, you will find it when you stop resisting your destiny and be humble to accept God’s plan for you.

  3. hi Butch. it was gentlemanly of you to have attended the wedding. darating din yung para sa yo…sana ma-witness ko pa bago ako uugud-ugod hahaha. seriously, if you are destined to marry, it, i mean “she” will come at the right time; God has plans for you, pray for the gift to be able to discern what it is. I wish you well. be safe and blessed.

  4. Sir Butchie!! 🙂 Oh my! 🙂 I remember the Happy Eleven days! 🙂 heehee.
    I’m so proud of you for not making any scene. 🙂 Heads up, Sir! That one who got away from someone else’s arms might be the next that’ll fall on yours. 😉

  5. Hi Butch, I really like your account of your former girlfriend’s wedding and how you took it. I could imagine you wearing a tuxedo or a barong tagalog. But remaining single is never a lonely occasion. Nobody is really alone, notwithstanding what old people say. People must never marry because they fear loneliness. People marry because they love and want to share their life to another. Great writing!

  6. Butch, would you believe that I spent like an hour last night looking for your blog that came with the article The One That Got Away? I wanted so much to show the article to Audrey and I successfully found it. I didn’t know that she really got away already. I hope or should I say I’m confident that you’ll be okay. The right one will surely come along in God’s time; or has she arrived already? 🙂

    1. I’m not sure if there is One for me. Being alone can be lonesome at times but I’m used to it na. I’m okay na with the occasional company of friends. Hehe..

      Thanks po for checking my blog from time to time. 🙂

    1. Thanks for visiting Butch Café, Fr. Joel! I am actually resigned to the thought of staying singular until when I get old. Bahala na. Hehe.

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