Ask and it will be given (part 1 of 2)

When, at the start of 2013, I prayed for some “holy disturbance” I never thought that the Good Lord would take it seriously.

I was more than satisfied with life back then for I had a job that I loved to bits and with good pay to boot, I just bought myself a car, I was going for my first trip to the US, I was getting better at dragonboat rowing, I was contributing significantly to my family, etc. Comfort level was at an all-time high. There were many good things going on.

But it somehow felt incomplete.

I first thought of going to law school in 2008. I was still with De La Salle Philippines at that time. But I failed UP’s Law Aptitude Exam. It was only UP or never for me then because aside from the reputation, my savings could only support UP’s tuition and fees. Nevertheless, the desire never left. I just couldn’t find enough reason to go at it.

I seriously reconsidered in 2012. By then I was already doing advocacy work for the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines. The engagement opened up new worlds to me. I was exposed to public policy advocacy and attended meetings and discussions in the Congress, the Senate, DepEd, CHED, and other venues where representation for private Catholic schools needed it. Over time, the desire to be able to do more and to be of better service grew. And I thought that going to law school was the next logical step for me to take. Moreover, my savings then could possibly support one year at the Ateneo Law School should I opt to study there. I plan to be a working student, my income could surely handle the succeeding years.

But I also thought of buying a car. I was taking Graduate studies in Development Communication in UP during that time so I thought that would do in lieu of law studies. Law school was relegated to the back burner once more.

However, after the Leadership Institute for Legislative Advocacy in Washington, D.C., back in January I brought home with me another bout with law school. It was much more serious this time. I was offered a full scholarship to study law at the Ateneo Law School.
It was indeed a big blessing but it also unexpectedly upended many things in my comfortable state.

The terms of the scholarship only became clear to me three days before the enrollment. And there was one important thing that I missed out: I need to quit my job and study full time.

I only had 48 hours to decide. The offer was irresistible but the stakes were high. It was crazy. And I did the craziest thing.

In Law School vs. Butch, the persistent Law School took the third round.

I prayed for “holy disturbance” back in January. It was granted on April 10, when I became officially enrolled at the Ateneo Law School. I never imagined it to be taking such a dramatic turn. But what do I know?

“The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort; you were made for goodness,” said Pope Benedict.

What do I know?


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