It’s Nanay’s 90th! 

It’s our Nanay’s 90th! On February 1 to be exact.

This, I believe, is our first picture together. It was the end of the first grade and this was minutes before we went up the stage for the recognition rites. The multi-layered sampaguita garland around my neck was care of Nanay. I was only 5th Honor but I smelled the grandest among them all! As in you could really smell me from three rows back! Haha!

That’s how Nanay really is to the family. She wants everyone to feel special and her method is largely based on how she thinks of you. Different strokes. Still, in my case, there was this time that she carried me piggyback through three Barangays just to bring me to the municipal health center because I couldn’t walk. I was on the 3rd grade then and the mountains of San Pedro were still thick with trees and since pavement was a luxury, we walked on mud.

She badgered me with “kailan ka ba mag-aasawa” the last time I visited her. I tried to talk her out of it but we went back to the same question every time. I gave up. And then I realized that it’s just Nanay being Nanay. I suppose that she doesn’t want me na magmukhang kawawa without a family of my own because she might not be there anymore when I’d “need” assurance that someone still cares.

Yes, the caring never stops. A mother through and through. For that and everything else, we are endlessly grateful.

Happy 90th, Nanay!


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