” Nakaka-ilang beses ka magkape sa isang araw?” asked an office mate when she saw me walking down the hall one Tuesday morning.  I just got out of the office pantry carrying my first fix for the day.  “Dalawa lang,” I replied with a grin.  “Pero pwedeng tatlo kung ililibre mo ako sa Starbucks mamaya. He he,” I quickly added.

Si Sir Butch talaga… Palabiro,” she shot back smiling. 

And with that one quick flash of wit, if I may call it as such, I made another person smile.

I hope that this record of my thoughts would effect the same to whoever would take time to read this. Just as every cup of coffee would stir up the senses, may each post stimulate reactions and force one to make comments and reactions, expressions of loath and admiration.

Welcome to Butch Café!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. hi bro butch,

    so happy to be still in touch with you. ang saya saya namin nila
    lucy and frocy kahapon, more so ng makausap ka namin.

    sana matuloy ang ating bonding….cetrel.

    why butchcafe.wordpress.com? do you own a cafe internet?

    take care.

    God bless you more.

    sis lutchie

    1. I was so happy when I heard your voices and distinctive laughs over the phone yesterday. It was as if it’s just another class day in our CERTREL classes in La Salle.

      No, I don’t have my own internet café, pero gusto ko ‘yon, tita Lutchie. he he… I just want people to go visit my blog, linger for a while, and talk to me about just anything–like a real coffee hang out place.

      See you soon! See you soon! : )

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